Become to Fund Manager

Fund manager is the Wallet address needed to create Fund Pool. This privilege can be transmitted under this right as the fund manager wishes. The fund management has the authority to change the regulations and fees of funds under management. However, some rights need investors in the fund to vote with more than 30% of the vote before it may be adjusted.
  • Trade
    Fund managers can trade assets under control as needed to produce returns for investors via Azira management. The received return is based on the fund fee specified for each fund.
  • Earing
    Fund managers will receive fund fees in the form of fund units (acquiring ownership of the fund), calculated using fund AUM at the moment of payment.
FundUnitReceive=depositvalue/unitpriceFund Unit Receive = deposit value / unit price
  • Claim earning
    The Managers have the rights to claim earnings from fund management at any time. They can choose to obtain the earnings as an in-kind asset of the fund pools or as a stable coin based on the Depositable Asset of the fund pools.
  • Rewards An additional reward, an AZA Token, will be awarded to funds that do well in their weekly Fund performance rankings. Both investors and Fund managers can be rewarded.