Become to Investors

Investors are Wallet addresses, who make investments in each Fund pool. The investors can view the details, the fund’s past performances, and all fund fees in order to decide which funds they want to invest in.
  • Deposit Investors can invest in their preferred funds by depositing the assets that each fund requires. When the investor invests in any fund, they receive a freshly minted fund unit. The total amount of freshly minted Fund units obtained from each investment is derived by comparing the fund unit price at the time of investment.
FundUnitReceive=depositvalue/unitpriceFund Unit Receive = deposit value / unit price
  • Withdrawn
    Investors can withdraw funds at any moment by withdrawing fund units from the desired fund. They can choose to receive funds as an in-kind asset of the fund pools or as a stable coin based on the fund pool's Depositable Asset at the time of withdrawal.
  • Copy trade
    Investors can copy trade of any funds in Azira without having to directly deposit the asset in those funds. However, as required in the Copy trade fee, the investors must also pay a fee to the fund manager of the fund. To cover the expense of the copy transaction fee, Azira will set aside 10% of the asset matched to the fund's depositable.