Creating your first Fund Pool

Fund pools are Azira smart contract-created funds with rules and fees specified by the fund management.
  • AUM AUM is the total value of the fund's assets under fund management. The overall value will fluctuate based on the market price of each asset.
  • Funding unit Each fund is subdivided into units, with 1 unit representing the owner of 1 unit.
ManagerEarning=(FeeValue/AUM)totalfundunitManager Earning= ( Fee Value / AUM ) * total fund unit
The fund manager can choose the beginning value of the investment units.
  • Fund rules
    The rules set are used to manage the funds.
    • A depositable asset = a type of asset that can be invested in a fund pool.
    • A locking period = a set period of time before an investment can be withdrawn.
    • Transfer unit = the ability to move investment units to a different wallet address.
  • Fund fees Fund fees can be set by the fund manager when the fund is founded and can be changed at any moment, but must first be authorized by investors who own than 30% of the fund.
    • Entry fee = a cost charged whenever investors invest.
    • Exit fee = a cost charged whenever an investment is withdrawn from the investors' fund.
    • The management fee = a cost fixed annually, though saved every day.
    • Performance fee = a cost collected only when a fund manager can generate higher AUM fund (High water mask method)
    • Copy trade fee = similar to management fee, this cost is stored and used when fund managers allow investors to copy trade from funds.
  • Upgrade fund pools When upgrading a fund pool smart contract, the fund manager has the option to migrate to a new version of the smart contract in order to fully use AZIRA.
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